Who better to ask for a Project Supremacy v3 Review than an actual user. I have been using PSv3 for over a year, and this app/plugin combination is jam-packed with features! If you own or manage WordPress or HTML websites, then Project Supremacy deserves your serious consideration. The plugin is for WordPress, but the SEO and Schema features can easily be transferred to and utilized on an HTML site. I use Project Supremacy daily to create, optimize and manage my websites. It makes it so easy to research keywords and create the seo title and description and optimize the URL and H1 and then create the page or post from within the plugin, no more switching windows or tabs, everything is right in front of you.

Now for the Project Supremacy Review

Let’s get into the many features of the PSv3 WordPress SEO plugin.

The question is where do I start?

PSv3 has replaced at least four plugins that I used to install on every website.

  • It has all the SEO Settings and features of Yoast and All In One SEO, in fact, if you are currently using either of those plugins, there is a Migrate feature built in that will import all of those settings into PSv3 so you can disable and delete Yoast or All In One SEO.

All of the Features are on the Sales Demo page…




  • SEO Settings – You can apply all the settings that will be applied globally for your website’s SEO.settings for psv3 plugin
      • Webmaster Verification – Paste your verification codes for Google, Bing, GA, Pinterest and others here.
      • Scripts – You can paste any Global scripts for any tracking analytics, Facebook Pixel, etc.
      • Redirects – If you change the URL structure or want to redirect a page to another you can do that here.
      • Taxonomies – For pages, posts, categories, tags, menus and more…many options here.
      • Open Graph – You can control the images, titles and descriptions for Facebook and Twitter posts.
  • Reviews and Ratings – You can manage your website reviews and ratings and configure how your Review or Rating Form Widget looks like and how it behaves and how the actual reviews and ratings are displayed. You need Reviews or Ratings and Schema to get the stars in the SERPs. Click here for a video on how to get star ratings in the SERPs, like the example below.
  • Project Management – This is where you organize and fine-tune your SEO for existing pages or posts and do keyword research and create new pages or posts. A few of the KEY features include:
      • Keyword Research – Pulls keywords, volume, and CPC from Google Adwords.
      • Sort Keywords – You sort into groups (possible pages or posts).
      • Get Metrics – Data pulled from Google, Broad Match, Phrase Match, In Title and In Url.
      • On Page Optimization – It’s easy when all of the metrics are right in front of you as you create the H1, URL, Description and Title.
  • Link Management – You can create and manage shortcode affiliate links from different affiliate programs. Shortcodes that will mask the URL for affiliate products, just like Pretty Link does. You can put the shortcode anyplace on your website and quickly change the offer by editing the shortcode. It also includes a chart and stats for each shortcode.
  • Rescue Center – If you believe your site got hacked and some files are infected or added, you would use the Rescue Center to revert any changes to your WordPress to its initial state.
  • EXIF Image Data – Easily add or modify EXIF data including GEO location. This function is added inside of your Media Library to easily edit new or existing images.

Please watch this video; there are far too many valuable features for a quick description. This video is about six months old, some functions have been added, and others have been improved. Project Supremacy developers Herc Magnus and Todd Spears are continually upgrading, improving and adding new features to the plugin and App.




Project Supremacy v3 APP for Computer and Smartphone

Website Management

functions of the Project Supremacy v3 app

The App communicates to your websites through the plugin API. It’s a complete WordPress Website Management Suite. Listed below are the tabs and features included.

  • Dashboard – The Dashboard is an overview of what’s going on with your sites, updates available, pending comments, and pending reviews.
  • Websites – The Websites tab shows all of the websites that you have installed the plugin on, the number of websites allowed are determined by the package you purchase. The sites can easily be identified and sorted according tags that you customize and add to each site, There is also a search feature that makes it easy to locate a specific website. From this page you can easily manage all aspects of your site, themes, plugins, posts/pages/, reviews, comments, schemas and settings. You can also hide the plugin (useful on managed or client websites), deactivate or delete the plugin without having to log into the website. You also have direct admin website and cPanel login with just a click.
  • Backup – Schedule automatic backups (eliminates another plugin) daily/weekly/monthly they can be saved to remote (cloud) storage and you can choose how many backups to keep.
  • Rank Tracker – Add keywords from any or all of your sites (backwards compatible with Project Management). Keywords are tracked by Pro Rank Tracker and updated daily. The number of keywords you can track are determined by the plan you have purchased.
  • Schema – Full Schema.org Builder – Schemas are becoming more important as a ranking factor. This is by far the best and most complete schema builder on the market. This is where you build the schemas that you will assign to your websites and the pages and or posts. You can also build schemas here and with the render schema function you can copy and paste it to any website as html code. Schema along with the review/ratings are a requirement to get the star ratings in the SERPs. Please watch the video below for more in depth schema creation details.
  • Schema Duplicator – Easily duplicate the schema from an existing website or page, even if it’s not your site, and simply change the detail elements to your own and add the complete schema to your website, page or post. Click here for a video demo of the Schema Duplicator.
  • Articles – You can order website content articles right from the app from iNeedArticles or iWriter. Just enter the API from the content provider (available from within your account at the provider) into your Psv3 Account Settings and the article ordering options are displayed in the app so you can order directly from and have it delivered directly to the app.



I’ve heard Project Supremacy v3 referred to as “The Swiss Army Knife for SEO” and it really is, it is a great WordPress SEO plugin, in fact I would say it’s the best seo plugin for WordPress. There are so many features and the fact that you can do all of your website management tasks in one place makes it really easy to optimize, change, track and monitor your websites and keywords. There are several packages available depending on how many websites you own or manage. And even though it has a recurring monthly fee if you consider the subscriptions that are included, WP Manager, Rank Tracking, Keyword Research, Schema Builder plus many features of a paid version of an seo plugin, it becomes very economical and it is updated and maintained constantly and has a live chat support desk. I’ve only been able to highlight a few of the features….there are many. If you are serious about making money with online marketing, whether it is client SEO or affiliate marketing or both,  I highly recommend the purchase of PSv3. After using it for awhile I have found that it is so fast, easy and convenient to manage all aspects of my websites. If you are still undecided please click the link below… there are videos on the sales page that demonstrate in detail the many functions of the plugin and app.